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Title: Why research for health? Research for Health: Policy briefings (series) vol. 1
Portuguese version:Por que pesquisa em Saúde? Textos para tomada de decisão
Themes: Policy briefings
Authors: IJsselmuiden, Carel; Matlin, Stephen A.
Keywords: benefits, capacity, culture, health, national health research, national health research systems (NHRS), policy-making, research
Year: 2006 Pages: 12
Countries that have invested consistently in the broad spectrum of health research are now advancing rapidly in health and in economic development. In many countries, however, the benefits of health research are not optimized due to low investments, absence of a culture of evidence-based policy-making or lack of capacity. This joint publication (Global Forum for Health Research and Council on Health Research for Development) briefly provides unfinished and new research agendas, new trends in health research, components of favourable national health research systems (NHRS) and suggestions for countries and research sponsors to make research for health work.
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ISBN: 2-940286-47-7
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Title: Workshop on Clinical Trials Capacity in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Experiences, Lessons Learned and Priorities for Strengthening
Themes: Tools for enhancing health equity
Authors: Widdus, Roy
Keywords: clinical trials, collaboration, experiences, lessons, low- and middle-income countries, poverty, priorities
Year: 2004 Pages: 32
In November 2002, the Global Forum for Health Research held its sixth annual meeting, Forum 6, in Arusha, Tanzania. During that meeting and in association with the Global Forum, the Initiative on Public-Private Partnerships for Health (IPPPH) organized a workshop entitled Clinical trials capacity in low- and middle-income countries: Experiences, lessons learned and priorities for strengthening on 15 -16 November 2002.
The meeting sought to identify and concentrate on cross-cutting needs and themes relevant to all clinical research an trials, whether for products needed in health intervention or for the diseases or health problems addresses.
This summary presents an overview of discussions and conclusions, organized by theme.
ISBN: 2-94286-17-5
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