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Title: Setting Research Priorities in Occupational Safety and Health
Year: 2009 Pages:32
Authors: Kathlene C Swanson, Sylvie Olifson-Houriet
Keywords: Health and Medical Research , Occupational Safety and Health, Poverty, Developing Countries
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Title: Strengthening Research for Health, Development and Equity
Year: 2009 Pages: 57
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Title: Strengthening the base: preparing health research for climate change
Themes: Tools for enhancing health equity
Authors: Ghaffar, Abdul; Peterson Stearns, Beverly; Shahab, Saqib; Woodward, Alistair
Keywords: climate change, development, equity, health, poor, research
Year: 2008 Pages: 40
This report identifies priorities for research and intervention in climate change and health.
There is irrefutable proof of climate change due to human activity, most notably caused by the release of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel use.
Although this primary cause of climate change comes largely from high-income countries, low- and middle-income countries will also add to climate change as their economies grow. Moreover, poor populations, who already bear the heaviest burdens of infectious and chronic diseases, will suffer most from climate change.
It is therefore imperative to integrate climate change research into relevant areas of health and social sector research to ensure that progress made in these areas are not then offset by the effects of climate change.
The next steps will be to establish the research agenda on ways to counter climate change threats to the health of the world's poorest populations. As funding for research on the health effects of climate change and adaptation mechanisms is significantly limited, then the resources to implement priorities on the agenda must be quickly found and the results used to focus policies and action.
ISBN: 978-2-940401-15-4
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Title: Sex, gender and the 10/90 gap in health research
Themes: Data on R&D for health investments
Tools for enhancing health equity
Authors: Doyal, Lesley
Keywords: gap, gender, health, poverty, reproductive health, research, sensitivity, sex, social, women, 10/90
Year: 2002 Pages: 17
This briefing document is a resource for researchers who wish to incorporate gender concerns into their work in systematic and appropriate ways.
Part 1 begins with a brief account of the arguments for gender sensitivity in health research especially in the context of poverty and social exclusion. It then goes on to explore the implications of these arguments for the research process itself.
Part 2 provides a range of resources for those who wish to explore these issues further. These include articles, books and practical tools, as well as a guide to relevant websites.The main emphasis in this document is not on the reproductive health problems specific to women (or men) but on the sex and gender differences in those health problems that affect both sexes.
ISBN: 2-940286-08-06
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