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Title: Health Partnerships Review
Themes: Voices from stakeholders
Authors: de Francisco, Andrés; Faich, Hannah-Sarah; Gehner, Monika; Matlin, Stephen A.; Sundaram, Lakshmi
Keywords: clinical, diagnostics, intellectual property, medicine, product development partnerships (PDP), public-private partnerships (PPP), vaccine
Year: 2008 Pages: 93
In the last few years, product development partnerships (PDPs), a form of public-private partnerships (PPPs), have gained growing popularity as mechanisms for increasing access to essential drugs in low- and middle-income countries. In Health Partnerships Review, experts and practitioners from around the world highlight progress and key areas for urgent attention:
  • greater and more sustainable financing over the longer term;
  • better mechanisms for coordination;
  • strengthening of organizational capacities;
  • creation of legislative, regulatory and service infrastructures and assessment;
  • frameworks that will ensure that the new products are effective, safe, affordable and accessible to those in need and that they are taken up and used.
Foreword: [es] [fr] [pt]
ISBN: 978-2-940401-05-5
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Title: High-income Country Investors: Financial flows for international health research
Themes: Data on R&D for health investments
Keywords: evidence, expenditures, financial, flows, health, high-income, indicators, investors, monitoring, official development assistance (ODA), research, research and development (R&D), resources, spending, track
Year: 2005 Pages: 105
This report was prepared for the Global Forum for Health Research by Caryn Miller as a contribution to Monitoring Financial Flows for Health Research 2004.
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