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Title: Application of Burden of Disease Analyses in Developing Countries: Implication for policy, planning and management of health systems
Themes: Tools for enhancing health equity
Authors: Ghaffar, Abdul; Hyder, Adnan A.; Liu, Li; Morrow, Richard H.
Keywords: burden of disease (BoD), case studies, disability adjusted life years (DALY), healthy life year (HEALY), inequities, priorities, quality adjusted life years (QALY), summary measure
Year: 2006 Pages: 64
To date, there has been rather scant literature on the application of burden of disease (BoD) measures in LMICs. This publication demonstrates the practical value of evidence-based decision-making through the collection and application of measures of BoD, such as DALY, QALY and HEALY in 11 LMICs. Reviewing a series of seven case studies supported by the Global Forum for Health Research over a period of several years, this publication shows how BoD measures may be used to highlight inequities and set priorities. The review demonstrates the continuing need for an internationally agreed summary measure that adequately addresses equity issues.
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ISBN: 2-940286-41-8
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